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Hot Air Dryer | SEHD Series | Injection Molding machine auxiliary



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Hot air dryer utilized for removing moisture from plastic granules and dry out material before using for moulding purposes.

Resulting in the final finished product moulding to be an accurate and high-quality finish as per desired design

Nullifying problems such as Irregular Moulding, Improper Finish, material lumping, Steam Pockets / Air pockets during moulding.

Hot air Dryer | Functional Image | Injection Molding machine Auxiliary
  • Designed specifically for regrind 8 dusty material

  • No perforated cone 8 holes jamming

  • No material blockage. A material change is quick & easy

  • On line, drying saves power up to 70% as compared to oven

  • Complete stainless steel construction

  • User-friendly design comprising of the viewing window, sliding plate, the hinged structure makes operation easier

  • Dryers are equipped with 7 days timer which helps in programming your production schedule

  • Capacity – from 15 ltr. to 6000 ltr.

  • Designed to work with all types of Injection Molding Machines

Hot air dryer Control Panel Image | Injection Molding Machine Auxiliary
Hot air dryer Discharge Valve | injection molding auxiliary

Control Features

  • Equipped with PID temperature controller

  • Temperature deviation alarm on drying temperature

  • Digital display of set temperature and actual temperature

  • Overload protection for blower

  • Cooldown function to avoid lump formation

  • Discharge Valve with Removable Magnet

Technical Specification

Hot Air Dryer | System Specifications | Injection Molding machine Auxiliary

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