Air Dryer
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  • State-of-the-art twin bed technology

  • Rock steady dew point at – 40°C. No spikes

  • Energy-saving – much lower cost due to lower regeneration

  • Linear airflow across the surface area rotor.

  • Tabular, low resistance wire heaters increase response time

  • Audible and Visual alarm

  • Display of return air temperature

  • Easy and simple maintenance – minimal moving parts

  • Precise (+/-3degree) adjustable dew point control (Option)

  • Temperature setback to reduce energy consumption when machine throughput is reduced or stopped

  • Inbuilt Return air aftercooler

  • Uniform mass material flow ensures that each pellet is dried

  • Even air/heat distribution throughout the dryer

  • Insulated side wall maintain the temperature at the desired level

  • Smooth interior surface

  • Efficient drying with minimum downtime

  • Quick – clean design in drying hopper

  • Large hinged doors for easy cleaning

  • Removable spreader cones make cleaning fast and easy

  • A strip sight glass for viewing material level within the hopper

  • Capabilities to offer central dryer with multiple drying hoppers for multiple resins or quick change over of different material

  • Specially Designed to work with injection molding machines 


Dehumidifier Specification | injection molding machine auxiliary
Dehumidifier Specification | injection molding machine auxiliary

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