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Double Slider Type : vertical Injection Moulding Machine

3 Station Slider Table

Ensures high productivity and saftey

Customized Heating zones

Resulting in high heating accuracy and efficiency

High Accuracy and Precision

results in High-quality molding

Double Sliding

Designed for Increased Productivity and durability

  • made for 2 stage production to reduce stagnant cycle time

  • Constructed from high-grade steel for unmatched durability

  • Hard chrome coated for rust resistance

  • Multiple mounting points for different mold sizes  

  • High-Grade Bearing and graphene pads for low resistance and high durability

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Double Slider Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine.jpg


Designed around high safety for machine functions and operators.

  • At position one/two there are light curtains to protect operators from having accidents

  • Front doors for all-around protection.

  • Dual Emergency stop and start buttons

  • Machine safety functions like mold protection 

  • Overheating protection

  • Operator Hand interruption protection

  • The slide moves out of the dangerous area to help facilitate safer insert placement and component removal


Designed with multiple heating zones for precise temperature control, and multiple size heaters, to make sure even the nozzle end is at the same temperature as the feeding zone.

Multiple thermocouples for accurate temperature sensing and reporting.

Equipped with ceramic band heaters, to ensure accuracy and durability, also shielded over to provide heating efficiency and protection from the external environment.

Vetical Injection Molding Machine Nozzle Heaters


Depending on  the product size and also the production capacity required by the customer, we recommend the best variation of the machine, so that you may have the best possible production and efficiency ratio



Equipped with multiple mechanical pressure gauges for double-checking pressure, creating redundancy for in controller parameter display

Vertical Injection Molding Machine Mechaical Pressure Guages
Vertical Injection Molding Machine Water Manifold.jpg

Water Manifold

Equipped with individual water block for colling mold and/or colling machine oil.

Each path for mold water cooling is on valve controlled singular path for controlling optimal water flow for your mold cooling requirements.

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