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Double Slider Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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Double slider type vertical injection moulding machine


Double Slider Vertical Injection Molding Machines are equipped with a two-station sliding table that moves the bottom half of the mould containing the Finished part out of the clamping area.

The machine works with One and a half moulds, Molding continues at one end while the operator removes and loads inserts at the other end.

Designed for increased operator safety and easier placement of Inserts and removal of the finished product from the mould while increasing production capacity.


360 VIEW


With the vertical design of the machine, it gets easier to insert mould components as the components stay locked in their place and you get perfect insert moulded components.

When it comes to inset moulding Vertical Injection Moulding Machines are the ideal choice for many solutions, When it comes to overmoulding inserts, precision is a premium. With its compact, design and the vertical clamping unit, User-Friendly Controller and setup procedure Fixed Type Vertical Injection Molding machines can provide the best results for small volume production requirements, with the best moulding results.

The double sliding table is designed to make it easier for the operator to quickly load complex/heavy inserts onto the mould and remove complex/heavy components from the mould while increasing safety. while also increasing production output by up to 1.6 times.

Due to mould moving out of the clamping area it gets much easier to use a robot for automated placement of inserts and removal of finished products.

  • Minimal footprint - With the Vertical Injection unit and Clamping Unit, Machine size becomes much more compact and requires less work floor space.

  • Sliding Table - Double sliding table moves out of the clamping area facilitating easier placement of inserts and removal of finished products while the moulding operations are continued on the other end of the sliding table inside the clamping area.

  • Ergonomic Design - Designed with operator comfort in mind, the flat working area and open clamping area without any interruptions results in maximising operator production output.

  • Maximum Safety - Machines as standard are equipped with multiple safety features to reduce operator accidents.

  • Maximum protection - Equipped with unique controller features and physical safety designs result in better mould protection and machine protection. also, the mould moves out of the clamping area which facilitates better operator safety and easier operation.

  • Excellent Energy-Efficiency - Efficient Mechanical Designing, Lower Friction coefficient, high-grade manufacturing materials and Highly efficient machine Drive provide high efficiency.

  • Powerful Controller - High Power Controller and optimised algorithms result in better machine control and easier setup of the machine.

  • Increased Production - The double station sliding table results in reduced idle time for the machine and increased machine output. as less time is wasted placing inserts in the mould cavity and removing finished components.


Double Sliding table

The double slide table moves the mould in and out of the clamping area making it safer and easier to remove moulded components and place inserts inside the mould. The double slider can be Hydraulic or Servo operated depending on your requirements.

Ram type Clamping

The clamping unit is equipped with a ram-type hydraulic cylinder, which provides fast and stable clamping pressure, while also being totally maintenance-free. It also provides higher control over the clamping unit positioning for better clamping force control and moulds safety control.

Advanced Controller

Equipped with LNC controllers which are easy to operate while providing many advanced features as standard, such as high detail production tracking, machine operational statistics, remote monitoring and control, user profiles, Automation integration, Industry 4.0 devices integration, and much more.


An optional greendrive hydraulic system is also available, which provides higher machine efficiency, silent machine operation, better accuracy, reduces machine operational temperature, and increases machine's service life.

High Safety

Equipped with multiple safety devices for operator and machine safety as standard, to prevent accidents from happening, high strength on both sides makes sure that no one can enter the clamping area while the machine is operational, other safety devices include, Light curtains, safety doors, advanced mould protection, and much more.

Compact Design

With the vertical design of the machine, the work floor space requirement of the machine is greatly reduced, such that multiple machines can be installed in the same place required for a conventional horizontal machine.


Designed, engineered and manufactured in India, which translates to better machine quality and higher trust, for customers, it is beneficial due to our big service network, better support, and stronger availability.

Specifications for double slider type vertical injection moulding machine





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