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What's the time frame for machine delivery?

Projected Machine delivery time for standard machines is 40-50 Days, and for Special pupose machines is 60 days.

Can i have custom specced machine?

Yes!, you can order custom specced machines, in that you can almost customize every aspects of machines for you operation purposes. The Design period and the machine delivery period for such custom specced machines depends on the type of customization needed to be done. Also, the part needed to be manufactured on the machine is to be submitted as sample to achieve perfection, in later stage production process.

How can i decide on which machine to get

It's up to you, and your experience for deciding machines. if you need our assistance for deciding what kind of machine you require for your product and manufacturing requirements, we require certain things to recommend you the ideal machines. 1. Physical object your want to mould 2. Material you want to use 3. Max output quantity you require per day. Provide us with the above mentioned things and we will recommned you, your ideal required machines

How can i contact ?

Please Visit the contacts page to see all informations about how you can reach us

What Else Do you Manufacture ?

We manufacture Vertical Injection Moulding Machines & Molding Machine Auxiliaries.

What is the production rate of the machine?

Depending on the machine you select and also th object you want to mould, we will provide you with the net estimated output that you can achieve per hour

Will my machine be production tested ?

Yes, all the machines manufactured by us are production tested, when the machine enters the final production stages we request customer to send their mold and desired material to be molded, we then setup the machine and material to required operation specifications and then start trial production, where the customer is asked to attend the operation and when sattisfied with the final finished molded component, that savefile is provided for your ease when that machine is setup in customers production plant, all you have to do is just load savefile and start production

Rotary Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Why is my Rotary Table not Rotating ?


How to Remove Nozzle ?

Step 1 : Turn off Barrel Heating and let it cool down to ambient temperature. Step 2 : Move Barrel in up most postition for easy access for nozzle removal. Step 3 : Using Hex allen Key, loosen the bolt holding heater shield cover in place, Remove the Heater shield cover, by sliding it down and out of the nozzle. Step 4 : Slide down the heater coil by softly twisting the heater coil and pulling down, out of Nozzle, making sure not to damage the coil. Step 3 : Using Open Spanner and rotating thermocouple Counter clockwise remove t hermocouple for back of Nozzle. and then you'll be ready for nozzle removal Step 5 : Using Ring Spanner rotate the nozzle clockwise to loosen it.(E xcessive force required, use an hammer if necessary, hitting on far end of Ring spanner to loosen nozzle). Step 6 : Clean the Nozzle be melting stuck material with help of a blow torch, or remove material with the help of aluminium pin 0f 2-3mm in diameter, place the pin inside the nozzle hole and hit it with hammer until material is removed.

When to remove Injection Nozzle

In Normal Conditions youll never have to remove the injection nozzle, unless there is some metal particles or other materials, mixed with the plastic material, then those other particles block out the nozzle. In case of nozzle blockage you need to look out of certian signs, follow steps mentioned below to be certian Step 1 : Move barrel in up most position for better view of the nozzle and injected material comming out. Step 2 : start material heating and set temperature according to the plastic material used. Step 3 : Start material injection, you'll see that the material is comming out at an angle or is not comming out quickly, then that means that the nozzle is blocked. In this case you'll have to remove the nozzle and clear the nozzle out, please follow the steps you'll find on How to Remove Nozzle, in this FAQ Section

How to Move Barrel Up and Down ?

Step 1: Make sure nothing is in the way of Barrel. Step 2 : Loosen the postion locking pin by lossening the black knob at the end, and slide down the pin to bottom most. Step 3 : Push the buttons to move barrel, NOZZLE ADV for moving barrel downwards & NOZZLE RET for moving barrel upwards.

How to Lock Barrel Position?

To lock the Barrel In poition, First you'll need to set the mold and lock the mold in position, once you have done that. Step 1 : Lossen the black Knob and slide down the metal witch piece down towards bottom Step 2 : Use the button NOZZLE ADV / NOZZLE FWD on the controller to move the barrel down, such that it touches the mould runner gate. Step 3 : Once barrel touches the mould runner gate, Slide up the metal swiftch piece in front of the sensor such that the light on the sensor turns on indicating position lock, and then tighten the black knob. Now the barrel is locked in it's position.

How to Turn on Barrel Heating

How to Control barrel Heating ?

How to Empty material from barrel ?

How to check barrel temperature ?

Remove barrel heat shield


Change/Remove Nozzle Heater


Flush Injection barrel material


Change/Remove Nozzle Thermocouple


Remove Material Hopper from Injection barrel top

Fixed Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine

How to change Mold?


Single Slider Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Why my Machines Slide is not Moving?


Double Slider Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Why Machine's Sliding Table Is not Moving?


Vertical Injection Horizontal Clamping Type Molding Machine

Why Machine is not operating in full auto mode?


Double Color Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Why The center turret is not rotating


LNC Controller


Keba Controller

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