Horizontal Clamping Vertical Injection Molding Machine | vertical injection molding machine

Vertical Injection Horizontal Clamping Toggle Type Moulding Machine

Customized Machines 

Manufactured as per your own requirement

Specific Operation requirements

Designed for applied operation

Fixed Production Path

Designed to increase production


Two-color Turret Type Vertical Injection Molding machine is designed for full auto operation cycle, for molding two color/material components.

The Central turret rotates the component and inserts automatically to the next stage for operator-less insert placement.


Robotic attachments remove the runner from mold resulting in complete automatization.


The central rotating turret is what rotates the molded component and the Inserts to the next stage to provide operator less insert placement and component removal

Vertical Injection Unit.png
Horizontal Clamping unit Toggle.png

Toggle Style

Auto Ejector ejects the component out from the front such that finished component lands directly into collection bin.

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