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Single Slider Type : vertical Injection Moulding Machine

2 Station Sliding Table

Increases Saftey and accesibility

Customized Heating zones

high control over material heating

High Accuracy and Precision

Perfect molding results


Designed for Increased Productivity and durability

  • 2 Stage operation is designed for Easy access of mold cavity and higher saftey

  • Constructed from high-grade steel for unmatched durability

  • Hard chrome coated for rust resistance

  • Multiple mounting points for different mold sizes  

  • Mold slides out of molding area where operator places insert thus increasing the safety of the operator.

  • Mold Slides out of the machine thus providing an open area for ease of insert placement and component removal.


Designed around high safety for machine functions and operators.

  • At position one there are light curtains to protect operators from having accidents

  • side and back doors for all-around protection.

  • Emergency stop and start buttons

  • Machine safety functions like mold protection 



Single Slider Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine  Series spececifications


Nozzle Multiple Heater | Single Slider Type Vertical Injection molding machine


Multiple heaters are used to achieve multiple heating zones, which ensures highly accurate temperature control.

Multiple sizes of heaters ensure that even the tip of the nozzle is heated to the correct temperature.

Multiple sizes also result in ease of maintenance for long term use case.

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