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Technology for Best vertical injection moulding machines, manufactured by swift machines

We classify technology in two ways,
manufacturing technology and machine technology



We design and manufacture our parts in-house, which allows us to manufacture machines with the highest quality and precision.

We are a family-owned and driven company, we take pride in the family expertise of working with the metal, mechanical and electrical elements of our machines.

With our mechanical and technological experience ranging back more than five decades, we take pride in our technological and mechanical excellence and provide our customers with the best machines that our current technology has to offer rivalling the best.

With our experience and in-house design and manufacturing excellence, we are always pushing the boundaries of current injection moulding technologies aiming for only the best.

From design concepts to final CAD designs, to CNC machining, electrical designing, assembling and testing, every step is looked after personally making sure that there are no errors and defects.


In this new age of digitization and connected world, it is important to have the latest and best technology at your disposal, to improve your production efficiency.

We at swift machines, aim to deliver the best in machine technology to our customers, it includes,

Latest Safety features
Latest controller features
Latest control features
Latest connected features
Latest automation features

We are always striving forward towards a goal of making our machines smarter so they work for you.


All our machines come equipped with metal safety doors.

These doors provide a great deal of protection while also facilitating visibility from the sides and increased accessibility of mould inside the clamping for adjustments or cleaning.

Doors come equipped with vertically opening windows on both sides for increased accessibility, both the windows have position sensing built into them, the machine won’t work unless the doors are closed, and if someone tries to open the doors in mid cycle the machine will stop immediately and sound alarm.

There are also analogue dials for pressure flow built into the door for easier visibility from the front of the machine.


All our machines come equipped with light curtains up front for operator safety.

The safety light curtains provide a invisible door like safety, when the machine closes the clamping area or is transferring mould from clamping station to ejection station, if someone tries to put their hands or any other object inside from the front then the light curtains will detect it and stop the machine and kill main motor and sound alarm.

With the side doors and the safety light curtains up front, we protect all four sides from accidental interruption while the machine is operational.

Due to the advanced controller the state of safety light curtain can be set for each step of cycle separately depending on your needs.


All our machines come equipped with a tower light for indication of machine status.

The tower light has 3 indication lights, Green, yellow & red.

A green light indicates that the machine is functional and is in production.

A yellow light indicates that the machine is ready for production but is in an idle state.

The red light indicates that there is some error with the machine.

With red light, the buzzer will also ring grabbing the operator's attention that there is some error.

The tower light is built inhouse translating to better quality and performance.


We have two sets of the cycle start buttons and emergency stop buttons, placed far enough that the operator has to push them both using different hands but are close enough that they're easy to reach and use.

Cycle start buttons need to be pressed at the same time to start a new cycle, this is done to make sure that when the cycle starts the operator has both hands outside of the machine and is safe.

The emergency buttons right next to the cycle start button work individually and can be pressed at any time to stop the cycle, while the emergency is pressed the machine will stop all operations immediately and open the clamping unit turn off the barrel heating and main motor al while sounding the alarm loudly.


We have three analog gauges present on side doors of the machine, and are visible from the front for the machine.

These analog gauges provide an analog check point for machines hydraulic pressure, velocity and injection pressure, so to verify the digital values.

These are analog check points and check point redundancies built into the design of the machine to make sure there is negligible down time of the machine.


We have multiple electrical safe checks in our machine to make sure that in case of any electrical accidents the damage can be minimized as much as possible.

All our machines have isolation transformers, voltage and phase monitoring to make sure that if there is something wrong with the main input than it will not be able to damage something important.

All the terminals have fuse built in them to prevent current abnormalities.

Other simpler things such as using heavy duty industrial components and connectors to make sure there is no interference or leakage.


Our machines are industry 4.0 ready with many automation options built into the controller no matter what model you choose.

As standard all the machines are EUROMAP ready so they can accept almost all the automation robots and work with them.

As standard, there are multiple automation features built into the controller which help you automate the startup process such as preheating, auto purge, auto mould adjust and much more.

With features such as inter-compatibility of data across all our machine ranges, machine power monitoring, remote access and remote monitoring, we are embracing the ever-improving industrial automation standards.


Lnc in 6800 is the 10 inch controller is one of the options for controllers that we recommend for our machines.

This controller is specifically designed for vertical injection moulding machines, and has custom software designed inhouse to make is easier to use and feature rich.

Controller features many features to learn more visit the full section.


Lnc in 5700 is the 8 inch controller we provide as an recommended option for smaller machines.

It is an economical solution for its larger counter part, although it is smaller in size and more economical it does not misses on any core functionalities that its larger counterpart offers.

This controller offers many features to learn about them please visit full section.

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