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Designed to be used with multiple grades and stages of material, be it virgin material, regrind material, or dusty material.


No Perforated cone & holes jamming, with the help of reverse air pipe design the need for a perforated cone, has been eliminated, making the dryer maintenance-free.


With smart design and elimination of material blockage in the dryer, it becomes quite easy to remove older material, completely clean the dryer and load in new material.


With accurate temperature control up to 1°C, you can make sure that the material is heated evenly and ideally.


Optional advanced control for timer-based start and stop of heating for operator-less production start.


Can be directly mounted onto the base frame, and hopper loader, , and also incorporate a mixer at trp for dryer for auto-loading mixed material directly into drying bin


The whole body of the SEHD series hot air dryers is thermally insulated to maximise heating efficiency.

The body of SEHD series dryers is manufactured in 3 layers


  • powder-coated outer layer for mechanical strength.

  • Thermally insulated middle wall for maximum heat retention.

  • Stainless steel inner structure for strength and clean material storage.


With the help of a central reverse air pipe, we are able to remove the perforated metal base and solve the problems of material jamming and longer cleaning times, while also increasing the hot air distribution throughout the material.

Hot air enters the drying chamber through the centre reverse pipe hits the material at the bottom of the pile, and travels upwards to the top heating all the material evenly and efficiently. As the air hits the bottom of the pile first, when the material is removed from the bottom of the dryer the material falls out quickly and easily due to the air pressure already present on the material.


We have multiple model sizes to make sure that you find the best hot air dryer you are looking for.

Our standard range starts from 25 litres and goes all the way up to 3500 litres. all the models in our range come with all the standard features and design details, to make sure no matter which model you choose you always get the best performance.


The magnetic base helps by trapping any metallic debris that might have entered the drying chamber with the material, this helps by removing the debris, if the debris were to enter the moulding machine then I would cause a jam inside the barrel and possibly damage the injection barrel.

Another benefit of the magnetic base is it provides 2 ways to output selection, 1 the material will fall from the bottom and 2 the material will fall out from the back side of the magnetic base.

The bottom, output is generally used for connecting the dryer output to a vacuum-based loading system of automated loading, while the door at the back is used to remove the material from the drying chamber and clean the material .

The full transparent windows at the front of the magnetic base are designed so you can easily view the material inside the magnetic base, also the transparent window can be opened with two knobs on both ends and remove the magnet with it, making the cleaning of the magnet easy and fast.


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