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Vertical Injection Moulding Machines



We hold our expertise in machine and Injection moulding mould manufacturing, We aim to provide our customers with complete injection moulding solutions.


vertical Injection Moulding Machine
Vertical Injection Moulding Machine
Vertical injection moulding machine
Vertical Injection Moulding Machine
Vertical Injection Moulding Machine
Vertical Injection Moulding Machine
Vertical Injection Moulding Machine
Vertical Injection Moulding Machine
Vertical Injection moulding machine

Designed for the purpose of over moulding / Insert moulding, a process where a component is coated with a plastic layer for extra strength and durability, this process is used in many fields such as medical, automobile, engineering, consumer components, etc.

We at SWIFT MACHINES manufacture the best in class Vertical injection moulding machines, that provide the best over moulding results to our customers. 

We have designed and developed multiple models of vertical injection moulding machines, such as Fixed type vertical injection moulding machines, Rotary type vertical injection moulding machines, single slider type vertical injection moulding machinesDouble slider type vertical injection moulding machines, and Double colour type vertical injection moulding machines.

Depending on our customer's product and production requirement we suggest the best machine, that can satisfy their production needs while also minimising financial expenses.

Injection Moulding Moulds

Best In Class Machines

With our technology and engineering excellence. we provide the best-in-class insert moulding solutions with our Vertical Injection Moulding Machines. Ranging from 30 Tons to 200 Tons and equipped with Features such as Rotary / Sliding / Double Slider / Double colour to increase production.

Your Trusted Partner

We offer the ideal Injection Moulding Machine for every application ranging from Automobile, Medical, Electrical, Engineering, Packaging, Consumer Products, Toys and Technical Moulding Sectors. With our moulding machines and moulding solutions, you can accrue peace of mind.

Engineered To Max

We have been associated with engineering and machining since the early 1970s, working with multiple industries, and bringing 4 generations of engineering excellence we are proud to say, we are an engineering first company, we are dedicated to developing the best machine with advanced engineering techniques.

Instantaneous Online Support

Our team of excellent engineers are always available just one phone call away, if there is any assistance required, our support team will reach out through the internet and assist you in every way to make sure that your production is not stopped.

We are based in Ahmedabad. Gujarat, INDIA, where we design, engineer and manufacture all our vertical injection moulding machines and components, this is our strength as we can provide our customers with the service and support they deserve.

We believe in perfect customer service, thus we have a centralized service model where all our service engineers and support teams are located in Gujarat, and we have service members in major cities across INDIA, thus when a customer in any corner of India faces any issue our service team will be present there to assist you with your problem.

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