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Explore all the safety devices and features that come as standard on all our machines. this includes multiple level of hardware safety and multiple level of software safety interlocks to make sure that while in production, operator can be safe at all times.


All our machines are equipped with metal safety doors that cover the clamping area from all 3 sides and are open from the front for easier access while the machine is operational for the operator.

These doors have big windows on both sides so that the clamping area and moulds are visible from the sides while maintaining the safety of nearby people.


Safety light curtains are mounted on the front of safety doors where the operator will be working, to make the clamping area open and easily accessible to the operator while also providing the operator with total safety.

While the machine is operational and mould is closing or table transfer is going on, if someone tries to pace anything inside the clamping area during this time the machine will stop instantly and sound alarm and turn of motor.


Safety light curtains are mounted on the front of safety doors where the operator will be working and are hight adjustable to make sure that the light curtains are perfectly optimised for safety and are not an interruption to the operator or the mould height. the hight of the light curtains can be adjusted according to the mould height fro maximum operational efficiency and safety at the same time.


The machine has 2 sets of push buttons on either side of the front of the machine, placed at a comfortable distance for the operator, these buttons are used to start the production cycle and stop the production cycle in case of emergency.

The green buttons are cycle stat buttons, the operator has to press both buttons once to start the production cycle, this ensures that the operator has both hands out of the clamping area while the machine starts its production cycle.

The red button is the emergency stop button, in case of emergency, if any one of the emergency button is pressed then the machine will stop in whatever state it currently is in, and turn off motor and sound alarn.


A tower lamp is fitted on top of the controller it making it easier to spot the status of the machine indicated on the tower lamp with 3 status colours, red shows an error on the machine, yellow colour for machine's idle state and green for the machine functional, also a built-in alarm that sounds if there is any error on machine.


The machine has multiple-stage built-in electrical safety, such as an isolation transformer, breaking resistors, supply phase checkers, supply power level checkers, fused connections, high-quality SMPS for the controller and hmi for added safety. 

If there are any power phase-related issues such as power out of phase or one phase is isolated then the machine will not turn on and indicate phase error in the electrical pannel, and if there is any over voltage or under voltage then also the machine will shut down and refuse to turn on and indicate it inside the electrical pannel.


Safety doors have two big plexiglass windows that open vertically to ensure that when open there can be maximum open space for the operator to work from and while in closed orientation the view is not obstructed in any way.

The windows are rigged with sensors so that when the windows are opened the machine can not start operation, and if the machine is operational and doors are opened, the machine will throw an error and stop operation immediately and stop working.

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